The Sea’s Enthrall

The Sea's EnthrallDr. Tim Parsons has published a book entitled “The Sea’s Enthrall: Memoirs of an Oceanographer”.  This book is available for review and purchase at Trafford Publishing.


Published: 24 Jan 20007
Pages: 216
Size: 6″x9″
ISBN: 978-1-42511-413-8

What People Are Saying

  • “Timothy Parsons is a… national treasure… if you love our ocean planet, you’ll need to read this book.”
    Paul Kennedy, Host/Producer of IDEAS (CBC Radio One)

  • “…wonderfully informative and entertaining… a well-written memoir hallmarked with philosophy, humor, and a cosmopolitan outlook on life.”
    Midwest Book Review

  • “… his anecdotal accounts are at times reminiscent of episodes that many of us can recall having experienced at one time or other.”
    David W. Townsend, Professor of Oceanography, University of Maine, for Oceanography

  • “Parsons’ comments on social, religious, literary as well as scientific aspects of our society with a lightness of touch and humour that makes the text very accessible to a wide audience. It is a pot pourri of experiences, comment and anecdote, that is full of interest and information.”
    Martin Angel, Underwater Technology

  • “… full of lively and amusing portraits, not only of scientists, but also of bungling bureaucrats, corrupt officials and devious taxi-drivers, which gave me many good laughs… a delightful, insightful and moving book…”
    William Hsieh, CMOS Bulletin

  • “… a good story told by a gifted raconteur whose sense of humour and strong opinions on many subjects come across in a forceful way, while his quiet passion and curious mind seeks to find answers on many topics quite apart from the ocean sciences.”
    Valerie Green, Saanich News