Dr. Tim Parsons has over 150 primary publications in biological oceanography, fisheries oceanography, fisheries management and marine pollution research.  Some of the publications below are available for download in PDF format.

Some selected publications in aquatic science

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Parsons, T.R. 2012. Experimental Verification of Fisheries Environment. In: “Fisheries Handbook” Ed. H. Seki. Publ. Kodansha Scientific Ltd., Tokyo, Japan. 1-7. (In Japanese)

Parsons, T.R. and F. Whitney. 2014. On the effect of the Kasatochi volcano on the large return of sockeye salmon (Oncorhychus nerka) to the Fraser in 2010. Fish. Oceanogr. 23:101-102.

Cohen Commission Submission

Parsons, T.R. 2010.  Gulf of Alaska salmon production. Cohen. Comm. Submission #0044. (accessed 27 June 2013).


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Other selected publications

Parsons, T.R. 1972. Why does the West insist insist on exporting a socio-economic system? Sci. Forum. 29: 11-15.

Parsons, T.R. 1975. Biological Oceanography in Canada. A Perspective and Review. J. Fish. Res. Bd. Canada.32: 2231-2283.

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Parsons, T.R. 2002. Dare to be Different. Tsukuba J. Biol. 1: 32-33.

Parsons, T.R. 2002-03. Oceanography in the Service of Fisheries. J. Business Admin. and Policy Anal. 30-31:223-237.